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About the club and its information platform

International Club KENT created to bring together like-minded people to share information, knowledge, experience and mutual cooperation.

About KENT Club Social Projects

To replenish the piggy bank of good deeds, the club creates and implements social projects. Those projects that we are implementing at this stage are aimed at building business and cultural relations with Fr. Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

Club founder
about information platform
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Children's Song Contest  «Voices Healing the Planet»
Children's Song Contest «Voices Healing the Planet»
As our partner, you   participate in the development of the international festival Kent Festival, whose mission is   — find talents and   merge   them. Build friendship bridges, establish cultural and   creative links between cities, countries and & nbsp; continents.
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A feature of our charitable foundation is the cultivation of domestic support and mutual assistance. In the   first of all, we   try to solve complex issues within the   our large family and   help members and   club partners. After all, we are not united by partnerships only, but by common global goals and values.
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